Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Silo Repairs

Harvesting our corn had been going well until I kept stopping up the pipe that the silage is blown through to the top of the silo. The kernals of corn are hard and wear down the metal, which is what happened to the top elbow and distributor on this silo. It was no longer smooth and so the silage would catch and start backing up.

We hired some silo guys to come and replace it. 

Elbow on the left and distributor on the right

You can see him working seventy feet in the air on a small ladder taking the old one off and putting the new one on. The distributor is worked by the handle shown in the photo. Flipping it up and down between loads makes sure the silage is blown in evenly in the silo. If you put it all on one side you stand a very good chance of causing your silo to lean and fall. 

70' Upright Silo -> Don't look down!

The new parts solved our problem and the corn silage I've blown up the pipe has kept on going. No stops and no problems.

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