Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Silo Skies Is Moving!

In case you missed the most recent Udder Side post from the cows, I have a new blog. Like most things I've done on the internet, I decided to start a new blog on Wordpress based on a whim. I think it was earlier this year when I was part of a blogging forum when the question of Blogger vs Wordpress came up. That was when the seed was planted.

I've been jealous of some Wordpress blogs for a good while and tried to incorporate what I saw here. In the meantime, I also felt that, like Fonzie, I might've jumped the shark a couple of times on my Udder Side blog.

Fonzie, jumping the shark on Happy Days, full scene
I wouldn't say the well is dry on creating posts on secret agent cows, but doing a weekly or even bi-monthly one has gotten very difficult to do without repeating past success. The plan is for the cows to go on and guest post on my new Farmer Bright blog, and they have already begun with their comments on the new Star Wars movie.

I started the blog with a thirty-day challenge and have continued to post often. I hope you'll enjoy the new content and new layout by the same old farmer. If you enjoy getting the newest post in your email that option is available on the new blog, too. So, sign up, please!

Thank you for reading the last five years, and I hope that you continue reading on the new blog for years to come.

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