About Me

Ever since I was a little boy I knew I wanted to work on the farm. My great-great-grandfather was the first one here and I want to be a part of the tradition of life on our land.

One of the best things about our farm is that I get to work alongside my father and uncle. Everything important I've ever learned in life was probably told to me by one of them.

My wife and three kids are the best part of my life. I once heard that you're not really parenting until you're outnumbered. The third child proves that statement right to me. And of course the kids are proud to be called farm kids.

Everyday (Everyday!) we milk our hundred cows in the early morning hours and in the afternoon. The rest of the day we're feeding, planting, harvesting, and inevitably repairing. Life on our farm is never boring and that is why I'd like to share it one blog post at a time.

You'll find everything here about our daily tasks, dairy farming and agriculture in general, and a few other random odds and ends just to make it interesting. 

Sometimes the posts come out as stories and other times only photos. Feel free to leave comments or questions and I'd be happy to answer them.

I also write another blog about the secret agent cows that work on our farm. Yes, I did say secret agent cows! Read all about them over on The Udder Side.

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