Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Silo Skies Is Moving!

In case you missed the most recent Udder Side post from the cows, I have a new blog. Like most things I've done on the internet, I decided to start a new blog on Wordpress based on a whim. I think it was earlier this year when I was part of a blogging forum when the question of Blogger vs Wordpress came up. That was when the seed was planted.

I've been jealous of some Wordpress blogs for a good while and tried to incorporate what I saw here. In the meantime, I also felt that, like Fonzie, I might've jumped the shark a couple of times on my Udder Side blog.

Fonzie, jumping the shark on Happy Days, full scene
I wouldn't say the well is dry on creating posts on secret agent cows, but doing a weekly or even bi-monthly one has gotten very difficult to do without repeating past success. The plan is for the cows to go on and guest post on my new Farmer Bright blog, and they have already begun with their comments on the new Star Wars movie.

I started the blog with a thirty-day challenge and have continued to post often. I hope you'll enjoy the new content and new layout by the same old farmer. If you enjoy getting the newest post in your email that option is available on the new blog, too. So, sign up, please!

Thank you for reading the last five years, and I hope that you continue reading on the new blog for years to come.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Harvest and Halloween

There is a decided lack of pumpkin spice lattes or harvest craft beers at our house. Our sparse fall decorations include the sum of two jack o' lanterns, but neither have been cut and gutted or even given magic marker eyes, nose, and mouth. Are they even jack o' lanterns at this point? More like jacks on their way to execution, perhaps.

Harvesting is still taking place on the farm. Corn silage, that is. Two weeks of heavy and then on off rain got us behind for waiting on muddy fields to dry. A nice crop, albeit a little drier than we'd like, is filling the silos. 

My munchkins are literally dying for next week to arrive and are making last minute costume decisions. Except for the youngest, who decided months ago to be a skeleton. 

The cows are already in the Halloween spirit. I just hope they don't expect candy.

Monday, August 24, 2015

We need an Uder App

What is one of the most common problems that strikes terror in homes all over the world? Imagine you just called the kids down to eat and you've poured their cereal in the bowls for breakfast and it hits you!

That's right!

"We're our of milk!"

In the miracle like technological world we live in you ask can this terrible problem be prevented? The answer is indeed, yes. Smartphones are ubiquitous and with the advent of the ride service Uber I think we need a milk delivery service. Lets call it Uder.

Launch the app on your phone and select how many gallons of milk you need. You'd be able to select from delicious full fat (technically only 3.5%) to skim and anything in between. Plus chocolate or regular. Maybe in the future you could even add more dairy choices like creamers and yogurts, but never, never offer any fake dairy product that doesn't come from an udder. If you're looking for nuts then go shake a tree or something.

Want an easy way to make money, dinero, or moo-lah? Then you could consider applying to be an Uder Driver. You'd be the one stopping by the store to pick up some delicious milk for whoever orders it. Being able to make people happy and make money at the same time is hard to fathom, but is a perfect description of an Uder Driver.

While How To Make Apps For Dummies may be heavy reading for me, maybe it isn't for you! Make this app happen and don't forget to give me some credit, and by credit I mean I need a cut of the revenue. Until then stock up on your favorite dairy products when you go to town. Buy gallons of milk like the weatherman is calling for snow no matter the season and you will never run out.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Farmer Takes A Vacation

Even farmers get to take a vacation every once in a while. Sometimes we're hard to motivate to leave because we want to keep caring for our cows and getting chores done. We need motivation.