Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Harvest and Halloween

There is a decided lack of pumpkin spice lattes or harvest craft beers at our house. Our sparse fall decorations include the sum of two jack o' lanterns, but neither have been cut and gutted or even given magic marker eyes, nose, and mouth. Are they even jack o' lanterns at this point? More like jacks on their way to execution, perhaps.

Harvesting is still taking place on the farm. Corn silage, that is. Two weeks of heavy and then on off rain got us behind for waiting on muddy fields to dry. A nice crop, albeit a little drier than we'd like, is filling the silos. 

My munchkins are literally dying for next week to arrive and are making last minute costume decisions. Except for the youngest, who decided months ago to be a skeleton. 

The cows are already in the Halloween spirit. I just hope they don't expect candy.

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