Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Warm Sand

This morning from the warm confines of my coat and coveralls I gazed out onto the first big frost of the year. A cold frost.

 Everybody always talks about how beautiful a cold frost is, but I was thinking how nice a warm sand would be.

Instead of a cold frost coming and making everything, well, cold, what if instead we could have a warm sand? Look, we had a warm sand this morning. We'll have to mow the yard today because of all the sun. The flowers are brighter, the corn is taller, you know, because we had two warm sands this week. Honey, let me go off and dust your windshield and start the a/c because we had a very warm sand this morning.

Lets Toss Logic Out The Window

Obviously sand doesn't melt away like frost so it would hang around and build up and beaches would form everywhere. Or rather they would be deserts, I suppose. In this hypothetical the sand would melt away, otherwise this wonderful hypothesis doesn't work. Just go with it.

When you look out today and see the frost killing your flowers, and see how your windshield is covered, why not give warm sand some thought.

Which would you rather have? Me? I'm thinking this would make a good premise for a children's story book. Hmmmmm.......

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