Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ultimate Cow Photo Bomb

Last week I posted this photo to twitter and got a comment.

Yesterday while I brought the cows in I saw one pawing the ground with her front leg sending dirt into the air. I thought it would be a great video so I started recording. Then another cow came in and photo bombed it. I guess she did know the camera was there and was jealous it wasn't on her! While I don't normally post this kind of humor, I did think this was a funny incident. I call it the ultimate cow photo bomb.


  1. I recently wrote an article on grizzly bears and interviewed a dairy farmer in Montana. Do you have predators in you area? What is your biggest concern as far as your cattle?

    1. Wow! I think our biggest concern is a buzzard going after a newborn baby calf. As long as the mom is okay then it usually isn't a problem as she will shoo them away.