Monday, June 11, 2012

Dairy Farmers (Can) Count

While milk and dairy products are important for June Dairy Month, it may also be a time to shed a little light on how dairy farmers count.  SUDIA and Dairy Farming Today are a great source of dairy farmer facts. For instance 98% of the over 51,000 U.S. dairy farms are owned by families or individuals. One dollar of milk sold from a farmer creates $3 in economic activity. In Tennessee the dairy industry had 500 million dollars worth of economic activity in 2011 and it is the top agriculture industry in eleven other states. Nationwide there are 900,000 jobs supported by farmers milking cows.

children book
Counting Cows
So do dairy farmers count? While I might be a little biased, I think they do. The next question is can dairy farmers count? I'll let you judge for yourself by this book I made called Counting Cows. It is a simple picture counting book you can read right here or even download a free copy to put on your computer, phone, tablet, etc and share the gift of reading with a young person in your life. Be sure and leave a comment if you like it and I hope you remember the farmers during June Dairy Month.

Counting Cows

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