Friday, June 15, 2012

Curious George the Cat and The Man in the Farm Hat

 This is George. He was a good little cat and always very curious.

farm cat
George the cat

Today George decided to go exploring. George loved to go exploring. He saw a silage wagon and climbed inside to look around.  George was having fun walking on the soft silage until he heard the man in the farm hat start the tractor to unload the silage. Poor George was scared and wanted to find a way out, but he could not remember how he got into the wagon. 

farm cat

Luckily for George, the man in the farm hat saw the little cat and turned off the tractor. He went to the front of the wagon and called for George. The curious cat was glad to hear the man in the farm hat's voice and quickly came to him.

George climbed into the man in the farm hat's hands and jumped onto the ground. He was glad to be where it was safe. The man in the farm hat was glad George was safe as well and hoped the curious cat would stay out of trouble for at least a little while.

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