Saturday, June 28, 2014

Drones On The Farm Part 3: Family or Factory Farm

The Farmer's Wifee and Nurse Loves Farmer are the two blogs that brought the drone campaign to my attention. I wrote earlier about privacy and expectations in Part 1 and Part 2.

What these two farmers want to accomplish is to recognize that family farms come in all shapes and sizes. Aerial photos from drones don't tell a complete story.

If you've ever looked at a medical photo...

random 8 week ultrasound
....and not been trained in the medical field you would not be able to identify much more than "I think that's probably a baby ultrasound."

How then can you tell how well animals and the environment are cared for from an aerial photo? Does our farm look bad?

Are we a factory farm? We've got a lot of buildings? We've got a lot of cows? If you think a one hundred cow dairy is a big dairy, that is. Three family members and one hired hand. We're like a machine. A four cylinder motorized factory family farm. Do the cows think they live on a factory farm? You'll have to ask them that question.


  1. How did I miss this three part series? Great job! Thanks for joining in.

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