Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ode To Our Silage Conveyor

The chain is a pain when it stretches in the rain
--My Fair Conveyor
 We have silage conveyors that carry the silage from the silos to a long feed trough that all the cows eat from. Unfortunately, one of them has been giving trouble lately. Last week we had a downpour that washed all the oil off the of the drive chain for our longest conveyor. It began to slip. And jump the cogs. No matter what we did.

#50 chain
Bad stretchy chain
In order to feed we eventually had to replace the chain with a new piece that we cut to length and installed.

Over the weekend the wide belt that carries the silage began slipping on the drive roller. The good news was that we had a replacement waiting to go in, but it still meant installing it.Yesterday we took it upon ourselves to replace the roller. We hoped to loosen the belt enough that we could slip it out the front, but in the end we had to cut the belt apart and remove the roller.

The roller fits on the end and the belt wraps up and around it
Next we attached new lacing to the belt and put it back together. Hurrah, for a long job to be finally finished! Hopefully, the conveyor will run well through the winter now and we'll have happy cows instead of hungry ones.


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