Thursday, November 14, 2013

No Raw Milk For Me

The cows wrote about the safety of raw milk last week and I thought I would make an update. A dairy farm selling raw milk to consumers unfortunately caused some of them to become ill. This is a quote from a Knoxville News Sentinel article from last Saturday:

At least nine children are now part of an Escherichia coli outbreak, with the consumption of raw milk from a Mascot farm their only link.
Tests confirmed at least three have the same strain of E. coli 0157. In addition, health officials said, three have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome as a complication of the infection. The disease, which primarily affects children, causes acute kidney failure, a low platelet count and anemia.
One child remains hospitalized.
In my mind there is no reason to take the risk of drinking raw milk when it has no benefit over pasteurized milk.  We do not drink any raw milk from our farm. We at one time had a home pasteurizer that we used, but now we simply buy it at the store. Easy, healthy, and safe. We wouldn't want any other way for our family.

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