Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hollywood On Dairy

Hollywood Gets It Wrong

Actor Ryan Gosling recently came out against dehorning of dairy cattle because evidently he doesn't think dairy farmers care for their animals. The only reason we dehorn our animals is to keep them from endangering others and themselves. 

I have no desire to be poked or hit by a horn while I'm feeding them or simply walking by. I also don't want to see them do the same to other animals which is exactly what they do when they have horns. Mr. Gosling has probably never seen a horn do like one of his ingrown toenails and try to grow back into the animal and need to be removed.

I would love to breed our cows to polled bulls, those born without horns, but polled bulls are not widespread for dairy cows. For an even more in depth response check out another dairy farmer's response to Mr. Gosling from Dairy Carrie.

Hollywood Gets It Right

I mean who am I to argue with Dr. Sheldon Cooper? 

Of course, what I would've recommended to Leonard would be to check out SUDIA's great information on lactose intolerance and find out how he could still enjoy the taste and benefits of dairy products without side effects. When you can still have real milk why would you want to bother with the fake stuff?

Have you seen dairy done wrong or right by Hollywood stars or on television or movies? What did you think?

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