Sunday, November 4, 2012

If Cows Ran For President Then.....

With the help of Darrie Carrie and her cow Norma, I've been having much fun on my Udder Side blog writing about dairy cows running for president. I even ran a couple of campaign commercials for them.

My friend Mark enjoyed this one so much he sent me some of his thoughts about a dairy cow administration:

No Bull  -  I cast my write-in vote today for Shirley and Norma!! 

I’m hopeful that everyone will have a steak in the new government.

Do you think they will support free government cheese for all?   Keeps us happy and keeps their sisters employed!

If elected, will they make a big stink about reducing methane emissions?   Or don’t they give a crap?

A lot of candidates are just in it to milk the government for all they can.   Shirley and Norma may have a different perspective.

Hope they are considering a horse for secretary of State.   You know, the administration will need some horse sense.   Already have too many jack----- and elephants!!!!

Beaver for secretary of Interior.  They really do give a d--!

Will Gilmer has also been tying the presidential election to dairy farming with his promotion of #TeamDairy. I think it is easy to see he is a big backer of the pro-dairy platform.

What do you think about the dairy platform or a dairy cow for president?

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