Friday, October 19, 2012

The Farmer In Concert

Pupils strained against the darkness as all eyes fixated on the door. Nervous hooves crunching straw made the only sound. Their patience was finally rewarded with the sudden opening of the door and the brilliance of the lights flashing down on them.  The calf barn erupted with moos for milk!

The Farmer smiled and gave a big thumbs up to the rows of calves. Their chanting continued as he prepared his instruments of powdered milk, water, grain, and milk buckets. The powder splashing the bottom of the bucket began his song. Warm water spraying and mixing with the milk was an opening solo for the hungry calves. He hung two buckets up for the calves in the first row and they were at once speechless and began drinking.

The Farmer worked in the rhythm of the song with the grain in his scoop rattling into each trough like maracas punctuating the beat. Verse after verse it continued until every calf had been fed. He finished to a standing ovation.

The Farmer performs twice daily and 365 days a year exclusively in the calf barn.


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