Friday, June 3, 2011

Make Memories With Ice Cream

chocolate vanilla ice cream

June is dairy month and there's no better dairy treat to have on a hot day than ice cream. One of the best things about ice cream is how it brings people together and the memories that you make.

We often had large family gatherings at my house while I grew up and we always enjoyed a homemade summertime treat.  I remember my job was to bust the ice and wait.  And wait some more as the ice cream churn turned.  Everyone was all smiles when they scooped some cold ice cream in their bowls.

I will never forget the time we took our daughters on their first trip to an ice cream parlor.  My oldest had a beautiful ice cream smile around her mouth that dripped down on her clothes. My neighbor hosts a farm day each year and invites all the local schools to learn about dairy and agriculture.  There's nothing like seeing several hundred kids licking and biting into ice cream sandwiches.

What are your ice cream memories?

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