Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grandma Was Right

dairy cows eating

I was conversing the other day with another farmer on why he sometimes doesn't  know why he does what he does for a living.  I replied back with something positive and he responded with how it had been one of those days.  What was bad about it?  Maybe that piece of machinery that needed to last until fall gave out, if it wasn't for bad help he wouldn't have any help at all, or that favorite cow was having trouble.  It doesn't matter, we've all had one of those days.

It made me think about why I farm.  Before she passed on my Grandmother said, "If you like farming, there's no better life to have."  And you have to like it to make it work.  You have to like getting up every morning rain, snow, or sunshine and taking care of the cows. You have to like it when feed and fertilizer start costing more than you bring in.  You have to like it when it doesn't look like your crop will get enough rain and then watch in awe as it grows tall and strong.  You have to like it when the baby calf you had to pull during its birth has now reached maturity and is having calves of her own.  You have to like it when you see the milk flowing through the pipelines into the milk tank and knowing you are providing a most wholesome food for people everywhere.

Oh, I've definitely had those days myself when I wonder about what I do.  Then I think about the simple and honest work I get to spend my days doing and I know I wouldn't trade it for anything else.  My grandmother was exactly right.

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