Friday, February 25, 2011

Calves Vs Babies

baby dressed like cow
baby calf


While changing my 2 month old son's diaper the other day, I thought to myself that I never have to do this to calves.  And then I really started running with that thought until I came to this train wreck...

So with the help of his older sisters here are

The Top 10 Reasons Why Calves Are Better Than Babies

1. While you may get up to feed them hungry calves do not wake you up at night.
2. When you take them on  a trip you don't have to put the calf in a "calf seat."
3. You can legally sell a calf.
4. You never have to fear a calf crying in a movie theater, restaurant, or plane.
5. When you vaccinate a calf you can put it in a head chute.
6.You never have to burp a calf.
7. Calves do not need to be rocked to sleep.
8. You do not have to dress a calf.
9. Calves do not need any toys to play with.
10. You don't have to change a calf's diaper.

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