Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dairy Farmers Are OCD About Milk Safety

Call us crazy, but dairy farmers are ocd about milk safety. All down the line from when the cow is milked to when the milk leaves the farm the farmers are checking and double checking the safety of the milk.

You've heard about two factor authentication for passwords, right?

How about three factor authenticated milking? Whenever a cow is put on the No Milk List, our version of the no fly list, we have three safety checks for her. First we write her number down on paper, we also mark her digitally on the computer, and lastly we use a large cow crayon to give her a temporary mark.

For the purpose of giving you, the milk drinking fan, peace of mind lets assume that some how some sneaky cow that should not have been milked evaded all of those safety precautions and her milk made it in the tank with all of the other cows' milk.

Obviously, we're doomed.


Here's where the ocd kicks in again. The very first thing the milk truck driver does when he arrives at the farm is to take a sample of the milk from the milk tank. Then when the driver arrives at the processing plant they take another sample of the entire truck. The truck sample and the farm samples are then tested for safety and quality. Nobody wants low quality milk. Not me, and certainly not you.

If any of the milk samples fail the safety test and tests positive for antibiotics it will be dumped. Yes, dumped. Poured out. Disposed of. Spilt, if you will.

But don't cry about it, we're talking about safety! And that's the bottom line. Safety first.

What type of milk should you purchase that has no antibiotics in it? Thanks to dairy farmers' ocd stance on milk safety you can rest assured that all milk sold is antibiotic free.


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