Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Don't Be Afraid of the Milk Truths #MilkTruth

Parade magazine ran an article called What Are You Afraid Of which reminds us that there are real things to worry about like the flu instead of ebola, or not getting enough fiber in your diet instead of whether something is gluten free. They even recommended not worrying about zombies.

Zombie Twitter Trends
photo via Scott_Hampson

But just to be on the safe side....

One thing that should not give anyone cause for concern is the inherent good quality of milk and dairy products. 

  • Just for kids? No way! Milk is a powerhouse of nutrients for everyone
  • Looking for a real wholesome local product from a family farm? That's milk!
  • Trying to cutout the extra calories and fat? Milk fits the bill. Even whole milk is practically 96% fat free!
  • Almond "milk" only has a gram of protein while milk is choc full of it!
  • Milk is a simple food compared to non-dairy milks that have a long list of ingredients.

milk life

So get real and get real milk! If you want to find more real facts about milk then go to Milk Truth and follow #MilkTruth on your favorite social media account.

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