Saturday, November 29, 2014

Football To Farming

If you are looking for another way that the internet can change lives then you can look no further than former NFL player Jason Brown. You see, after quitting football he did research on YouTube to become a farmer.

You can find out how to do thousands of things on the internet. In the movie The Next Three Days, starring Russel Crowe, the main character learned how to make a bump key for opening doors and other less than scrupulous skills by also watching YouTube videos.

I go to YouTube for various reasons. I want to listen to a particular song. I want to find out how to do something simple which in one case I ended up being schooled by a prepubescent boy on how to skin my daughter's Mindcraft game characters. I've posted several videos myself, too.

What have watched and learned on YouTube? Have you learned enough to want to make a major career change like Jason Brown? Or are you still watching funny cat videos?

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