Monday, April 7, 2014

Top 5 Superpowers A Farmer Would Like To Have

Feeding the world one day at a time might sound like a great super power, but deep down inside every farmer would like to be able to do a little more to get the job done right. Here are the top five super powers that a farmer would like to have.
  1. Weather. The ability to control the weather would be a power that any farmer would want. Too hot for your cows, or too darn cold for you and your cows? Too dry or too wet for your crops to grow? The ability to manipulate the weather like Storm can do would be a farmer's dream.                                               

  2. Super Speed. If you had super speed like the Flash, think of how many farm chores you could accomplish in one day? The average farmer gets 584 less hours of sleep a year than most people, so getting more done in less time could actually get him/her the rest they need. Plus, with super speed you could outrun possible manure splatters, which is always nice.                                                                            
  3. In a world where people demand sustainability and want farmers to be even better stewards of natural resources, what better represents going green than the emerald ring of the Green Lantern? How do you plow a field with a net zero carbon impact? Using the green ring from Oa, you could do any type of manual labor without using any fuel or having any emissions.                                                             
  4. Telepathy and telekinesis. Professor Charles Xaiver could possible be the next best thing to a veterinarian. Imagine being able to read a cow's mind and communicate with her to find out how she feels and how to give her medical help? Not only could you convince animals to do certain things, like not jump that fence, but if they were injured you could easily lift and move them to safety.                     
  6. Super Strength. There are so many ways that farmers could use a little extra muscle. Flat tire on a tractor? No problem because with super strength you can just lift it up and change it. One of the best uses ever comes from the original farm boy turned super hero, Clark Kent, when in his pre-Superman days on Smallville he pushed fence posts in the ground as easy as you might put candles in a birthday cake.

What super power do you think a farmer needs? What super power would you want to help you get your job done?  

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