Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why We Need Spider-Man Milk Cartons

What's wrong with this picture? Well, for starters you would probably say that a grown man is holding a kid's juice drink. Then you might add that the grown man is a dairy farmer and he's holding a juice drink instead of milk. Why? Because his little boy likes Spider-Man.

How should dairy products improve their marketing? One definite way is to take advice from my son. When he goes into a convenience store he sees things first at his eye level. In the drink coolers what is at his eye level? Juice. Lots of juice boxes with cool packages with superheroes or princesses. There are also "kool-aid" type drinks with easy no spill lids. Where are the single serve chocolate milk bottles at? They are in mostly very plain packaging and shelved at the very top where little kids will look last.

Single serve chocolate milk here goes for around $1.50 give or take. The Spider-man juice drink is priced around $2.00. I'd say that's good money being made on juice packaging. The juice people are advertising to their target audience by placing their product low on the shelf just like kid friendly cereal makers place their product low in the grocery store. Single serve chocolate milk is placed high on the shelf like grandpa's high fiber cereal is at the grocery store.

If my son saw a superhero emblazoned milk carton, or something else kid friendly, on the bottom shelf next to the cool juice containers maybe he would pause to consider which one he wanted. Maybe other kids would, too. Realtors say location, location, location sells a house, but maybe it could also sell more milk.

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