Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Gift From A Calf

Don't ask for what you wish for because you just might get it. That, I've heard, is an old Chinese curse, but I'm not sure if it was what the calf had in mind or not.

It was cold this morning and I complained about it. Maybe that was my first mistake. As fate would have it we also had a baby calf that needed help getting started nursing. She was hungry and making a great attempt at it, but she couldn't stay on her mama's teat. So I stepped in to facilitate in getting them together. 

I was up at the front end holding her head down so she could nurse and lo and behold that calf started drinking very well at this point in time she must have remembered how cold I was and thought of a way to compensate me. 

Let me cut to the chase: the calf pooped in my boot. 

Obviously the best way to get warm is some nice yellow body temperature calf manure to put down your boot, on your pants and coveralls, and down inside your boots and socks. 

Let's Wash These Clothes
Hope your New Year's Gifts are better than mine.

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