Friday, November 1, 2013

Bacon and Breeding Cows

Today I had two cows to breed. So I bred them with Bacon.

Not this bacon...

This Bacon...


Maybe I should back up a little bit. On our farm we artificially inseminate (breed) our cows with bull semen that we buy from a semen dealer. Yes, they really have those! Today I used 7HO10502, also known as Touchdown Planet Bacon-ET. With a name like that at least he doesn't have to introduce himself very often!

The benefits of using artificial insemination (A.I.) is that we can use a wide variety of bulls to better our herd without having to keep a bull on sight that might be a danger to us. We can select them based on price, breed, milk production, milk compostion, physical features, and many more things.

Here is a partial pic of Bacon's attributes.

You can see how his genetic traits are likely to be passed down to his offspring, which I hope will be better than Bacon. By choosing good sires we can improve our herd one new calf at a time.

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