Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rain, Corn, Rain Again

What a difference a year makes. Last June we were enduring hot, dry weather and I was even on the news talking about how bad it was for farmers. This year has been the opposite: rain, rain, rain. We had a terrible time getting our wheat and rye up for spring silage to feed our cows because the fields stayed too wet for us to get in and then it seemed that what we mowed was too wet to go through our chopper. 

When we did have a few dry days when we were not chopping we did manage to get a few bales of hay rolled and our corn out. More rain came this week, but it was dry enough yesterday for the sprayer to come through and take out the weeds in one field of corn. 

Our Round-Up Ready corn was definitely ready to be sprayed. I took the photo on the right this morning. You can see how the weeds between the rows of corn our already turning yellow and sagging.
The weeds, if left unattended, would soon take over the field and ruin our corn crop.

This corn is designed so that we can have a sprayer come in and spray the field and only the weeds are affected. I have a hard enough time keeping the weeds out of our little garden, and I can't imagine having to take the hoe out to tend acres and acres of corn.

We're expecting 2-5 inches of rain this week according to the weather folk on TV. That's more than our share. Too bad we couldn't have had at least some of it this time last year...

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