Thursday, June 20, 2013

Off Topic Thursday: Musings On Painting and the Beatles

I thought I'd do something different today and call it Off Topic Thursday.

This past week my wife and kids left and left me with the chore of painting the kitchen/dining room without distractions. She picked out a light yellow, and before I go on I have one piece of advice. The previous colors were red and orange which were very, very, very, very hard to cover this week so choose darker colors at your own risk.

She's still sewing the curtains up, but here's a picture of how it turned out.

Farmer by day and painter by night. I absolutely thought it would not end and the paint was still wet when the family returned home. To pass the time painting I listened to Beatles albums on Youtube. I had no idea entire albums were on there until a few months ago. I have their first release so I only listened to albums between it and before Sgt. Pepper. 

I'm no huge Beatles fan by any means. My dad liked the Carpenters and I remember hearing Ticket to Ride by the Beatles on the radio one day when I was around nine and thought it was a cover of the Carpenters' version. I guess I had the same reaction that some have today about Darius Rucker and Wagon Wheel.

I eventually picked up a Beatles Greatest Hits cassette when I was in high school. I think it had more of the songs I wanted than the cd. When I was taking guitar lessons my first teacher asked if I knew any Beatles songs and I replied that I only knew the hits. He gave me a very quizzical look and said, "They were all hits." I never completely understood him until this week when I kept the music on for several hours a day.

What was the most interesting to me was listening to all of this great music and hearing songs that sounded like other bands I like. Besides some of the obvious choices I could hear songs that would fit right in on Big Star or Wilco albums. I'm late to the party on hearing these influences, but it was still so neat.

I ended up listening to Rubber Soul and Revolver the most after it was all said and done and I would definitely add them to any stuck-on-an-island-and-you-can-only-take-so-many-albums-list. Now these will always be associated in my mind with the five coats of paint I think it took to finally get the kitchen looking nice again.

What do you paint to?

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