Friday, February 15, 2013

If You Give A Dairy Farmer Some Ice Cream....

If you give a dairy farmer some ice cream...

chocolate ice cream

He'll probably think about milking cows.

And if he thinks about milking cows then he'll probably think about feeding cows.

If he thinks about feeding cows then he'll probably think about harvesting.

hay wagon

Harvesting makes him think about tractors.

tractor chopper wagon

When he's riding his tractor he might see his calves. 
That will remind him it is time to feed again.

Feeding baby calves will probably remind him of seeing them being born.

cow and calf

Thinking about cows and baby calves will remind him 
it is time run the cows up and milk again.

And of course, if a dairy farmer thinks about milking he just might think about 
milk being turned into ice cream again.

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