Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mother Nature's Mercy

The weather can be a curious thing in how it affects people. For many the weather has little influence on their lives outside of do-I-need-to-wear-a-coat or is-it-going-to-rain. This is best exemplified in my area by the weathermen forecasting on Monday morning's in the fall what it will be like for Saturday afternoon's game.

For farmers the weather plays a much bigger role. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature everyday. We had one of the driest June's on record followed by one of the wettest July's. August and September seemed to have three days of heavy rain every week. This has put us on a roller coaster ride of our crops drying up so much that we didn't think we would have any to having it be too wet to be able to harvest them.

I imagine more than one farmer has wished for a weather making/controlling machine at one time or another to get away from Mother Nature's mercy. And I promise if I ever get one.......

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