Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Such Thing As a Cow Cat

Everyone has heard of cow dogs, you know, the dogs that are great at helping farmers and ranchers with their cattle. But why not cow cats? I think I found out why they never caught on.

Fred the cat is excellent at doing lots of things. Well, maybe lots is actually an exaggeration. Fred is great at drinking milk and sleeping. He's going to be exhibit A. 

Obviously Fred is on the left
We were trying to move some cows across the road when Fred came over to see what was going on. He really looked like he was offering to help. I suggested he could guard the road and head off any of the cows that walked around the gate. Dutifully, Fred took his position and appeared ready to do his job. That is until the first cow came toward him when he immediately took off out the way and under the fence. The cow nonchalantly walked on down the road and we had to go get her ourselves.

Cow cat? I think not. We'll just let him do what he does best.

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