Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Round Up Ready Calves

It wasn't for a good reason that our neighbor called a week or so a go at lunch. But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. The story really starts just before breakfast. We had headed out to go feed the heifers out in their different fields. One group was not there when we arrived and didn't come after we called for a while. While hoping for the best we headed on back home.

The phone call was to tell us that the heifers were now in a field right next to his farm and he'd be happy to help us get them. As soon as we were in sight of them our "girls" started mooing, thankful to see their friends. They followed us straight to his corral where we loaded them up and took them to the barn until we could find and fix the hole in the fence of their field. Thanks to our neighbor's help, these were truly round up ready calves.

Where did they get out? Storms blew down a tall tree in a corner of the fence. The tree fell at an angle and managed to take down both sides!

barb wire fence
Left Side

barb wire fence
Right Side

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