Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feed That Calf: The New Game Show

Good morning and welcome to Feed That Calf, America's new favorite game show where the contestants have to feed a new calf. I'm your host, Handsome Dairy Dave. Let's go meet our three new calves for today's show.

Are they not just adorable? These three holstein bulls are just a few days old. I have been assured by my producer that these calves have only nursed their mothers and they are guaranteed to have gotten the full amount of colostrum they needed on day one.

Our contestant for today is Farmer Bright. Tell us a little about yourself and what your game plan is this morning.

Well, I grew up on a dairy farm and have fed calves my whole life. I hope to go out there and do my best to get them off to a great start.

farm bootsFarmer Bright, I've noticed your boots are a little dirty this morning.

Yes, that's because your water hose was frozen up outside the studio calf barn.

Okay, moving right along.  Farmer Bright have you chosen which calf you intend to feed for the competition this morning?

Yes, I'll feed the one on the left.

Great! Let's begin!

Farmer Bright has mixed up a bucket of warm water and milk powder. From the way he handles a bucket I can tell he wasn't lying when he mentioned he had done this before. Now he's approaching the first calf. Will he go the traditional route of "going to the calf" or will he make a power move of "hanging the bucket" and letting the calf come to him. Ladies and gentlemen, he has hung the bucket! A daring move, but it just might pay off. The calf is coming toward the bucket and is actually licking it. Farmer Bright is slowly moving in, taking the calf by the mouth and squeezing it once, twice, three times on the bucket. The calf is sucking on his own.

Farmer Bright has done it! We have a winner! Today's prize is the knowledge of knowing this calf has had a healthy breakfast! We'll see you again next time on Feed That Calf!

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