Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cow Vacations

"But I don't want a vacation!"
Whether you call her a work-aholic or just a creature of habit, 162 has not gotten used to not being milked yet. The day before yesterday she started her sixty day vacation which is also her dry period. Yesterday and this morning she came down to the gate to go to work and be milked even though she doesn't need to.

Dairy cows cannot be milked everyday forever and ever. They need time off just like people do. Cows, generally speaking, are milked for around 300 days and then have a sixty day dry period for the last part of their pregnancy. After they calve they will be ready to start being milked again.

162 is now hanging out in the dry cow pasture. She has access to water and hay. She also comes in once a day for silage, grain, and minerals. In a few more days 162 will realize she doesn't have to "go to work" with the milking herd and can enjoy her time off. Even cows need a vacation.

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