Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Coveralls

brown coveralls
Much Cleaner Than Mine
They say you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her purse. The make up she has, the type of wallet, her phone, the fact that it has diapers and wipes or not, all tell something about her. Perhaps you can tell a lot about a farmer by the contents of his coveralls.

This morning I finally made it to the washing machine before my wife and was able to put my coveralls and coats in. Before I could do anything I had to make sure the pockets were all empty. In no particular order here's what I found.

  • A pocket knife. You can't go to the farm without one.
  • Twine Strings. Many uses for these, like a poor man's duct tape.
  • Fence Steeples. Because you never know when you'll find a fence in disrepair.
  • An uncracked pecan and some chocolate wrappers. Because you might get hungry out there doing all that fencing!
  • A 9/16's wrench I forgot to put back in the toolbox when we worked on a silage conveyor.
  • A pair of gloves that were very dirty and needed to be washed, too.
  • Grain, hay, and other bits of trash that can't go in the washer!
I'm not sure what the contents of my coverall pockets say about me. I'm just glad I have a pair to wear on cold days on the farm.

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  1. Really these coveralls are easy to carry and they are washable.