Thursday, September 22, 2011

...And The Cows Were Oblivious

Life can be frustrating sometimes.  Things were running smoothly while we were chopping corn. Then the chain that runs the part of the chopper that blows the silage into the wagon came off.  Instead of coming in and working on it at the shop I thought we should fix in the field.  That didn't work.  

john deere parts cogsWe then brought it in and realized that we needed new sprockets, which are the wheels the chain runs on.  When they finally came in at the parts store we still couldn't get the chain to run.  When we turned it by hand
the chain kept rolling right off.  After tweaking, coaxing, and pleading didn't work we tried another new chain.  A-ha!  That was the final piece of the puzzle and we were able to start chopping again.

Did our "girls" notice the bump in our rode to harvest this week?  No, I think it is safe to say the cows were oblivious.

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