Friday, July 22, 2011

Social Cows

dairy cows drinking water
Latest Gossip Around the Water Tank

While it isn't exactly like The Office here on the farm, some cows definitely have personality.  Milking time is a great example of this.  The last group of cows to be milked are always the same cows.  Likewise, the first group of cows to be milked are usually the same cows everyday.  We know if one of those early milkers comes in late then she may not be feeling good.

 We have a few that are particular about when and how they go into the barn. The cows are milked five at a time on the left and right side of the barn.  Some cows are lefties and some are righties.  Others want to be the cow that starts a run of five and some are not happy unless they are in the middle.  If you cater to the cow they will cater to you.

There are also shy cows and bullies.  The more timid cows are usually those that are on their first lactation in the herd.  They may be pushed away from the feed bunk by some of the other bigger animals (the bullies).  We often let these new ones eat first so that they get plenty of feed without having to compete with the others as much.

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