Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunrise Sunset

morning picture

One of the joys of being a dairy farmer is getting up at the crack of dawn.  What, you mean you don't consider that a joy?  I actually get up before the crack, when the sky is black with only creamy clouds floating by or the stars and moon shining down.

Getting up early means seeing that crack form and wait as the sun sends a few rays at a time across the hills and trees and into the sky.

farm sunrise

Look at what God did.
farm sunrise

It really does not get old with me to see the sunrise; I actually look forward to seeing it every day.
sunrise over field

My wife might say that it helps being a dairy farmer if you are a morning person as she pushes the snooze button for the upteenth time.

I have to admit that sunsets are nice, too.

A sign that the day is almost done.  Maybe a sign of a job well done.
farm sunrise

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