Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Laying Out of Work Again?

dairy cow in the dark

Have you ever had an employee that was late for work?  Everyday?  Well, that it certainly the case with one of  our cows.  We turn our cows out on pasture every morning and evening between milkings.  Every cow comes in on her own to be milked in the morning except for one, number 377.  She does not just not come in, she sometimes hides in the corners of the field to prevent me from finding her when I ride out in the tractor or truck.  Now, 377 has no physical ailments, no lameness, nothing wrong with her at all; no reason to lay out of work. She milks great, doesn't fight, and it a great eater.  She just likes sleeping in.

In my other blog I might write about how she is sticking it to the man  by laying out, but I am hopeful about her.  Everyday I look for her not to be in the field.  And someday I might be right.

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