Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas on a Dairy Farm

christmas lights for cows

Christmas on a dairy farm is in a lot of ways just another day.  That's not meant to be callous, or unobservant of the day itself.  What I mean is that the cows still have to be milked and fed.  Many folks have jobs that have Christmas day, or several days off where their business closes.  There is no day off from taking care of farm animals, just like there is no day off from being a parent.

On Christmas day the cows will receive the same love and attention we provide every other day.  But other jobs like repairs that can wait or other projects won't be worked on.  That time will be spent with family, and remembering why we celebrate.

My kids will be waiting on me to get home from the barn before they can open their presents.   They will be groaning to Mom about when will Daddy get back from the farm!  "Can't we just open one present?" they'll ask.
Presents, and breakfast, and then back to the farm.  'Cause the cows are waiting to be fed and milked again!

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